Sparco 04834HPD

The Sparco Endurance 6 point FHR Harness is a professional 6 point saloon harness which features 2" wide webbing used for both the lap and shoulder straps for a more precise fit with a FHR / HANS device. The lap belts have pull down adjusters that are favoured for multi-driver disciplines where easy adjustment can be made by the driver.


Lightweight steel quick release adjusters

2" Shoulder strap width for a better fit on FHR / HANS devices

Snap hook fittings on both the shoulder and lap belts

Fitted with an ultralight high load buckle that secures all the straps via the T-bar style crutch strap. This harness is a FHR specific professional saloon/GT harness with lightweight adjusters that provide easy adjustment making it ideal for endurance racing where quick driver changes are needed.

FIA 8853-2016 approved for use only with an FHR / HANS device


Ref: 04834HPD

Prijs: € 216.60

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