Sparco Prime H-9 evo

The Prime H-9 Evo Ultralight is Sparco's flagship saloon FHR harness and is manufactured using SPECTRA webbing that reduces weight without sacrificing the strength of the harness.


Ultra lightweight quick adjusters help keep the total harness weight to just 1.40kg

Wide range of belt adjustment is ideal for saloon and GT applications

Pull down shoulder and pull up lap adjustment with grab loops for easy adjustment wearing race gloves

Roll bar loop attachments at the shoulder points with ultra light carabiner clips on the lap belt

The H-9 Evo Ultralight harness features 2" wide straps all round for a more positive location onto a FHR / HANS device. Ultra lightweight steel adjusters not only reduce weight but also provide fast adjustments. To help reduce weight further the lap straps feature a light weight carabiner style attachment, whilst the shoulder straps are designed to wrap around the roll cage / harness bar.


FIA 8853-2016 approved for use only with an FHR / HANS device


Ref: 04825H

Prijs: € 635.25