Sparco 04819H2

This professional 6 point harness from Sparco is designed for single seater and sports prototype use. Pull down adjusters, with a bar for extra purchase, allow for quick and easy adjustment even when wearing rave gloves. 2" wide webbing is used for use with an FHR device.


Ultra lightweight high load buckle saves weight and improves safety

Loop fitting crutch straps improve comfort

2" wide shoulder straps provide a more positive location on a FHR device

The 6 point single seater FHR harness features loop fixings on the shoulder straps to attach to pin type fixing on the chassis. The lap straps and crutch straps attach to the chassis via bolted plates which have a 13mm bolt hole (bolts not included).

FIA 8853-2016 approved for use only with an FHR / HANS device


Ref: 04819H

Prijs: € 253.00

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